False-Heads – Wear and Tear


We wrote about False-Heads back in the early days of Give It Back. They just released a music video back then, made by Ollie Thomas, for a song called Fall Around. That song was part of an EP called Tunnel Vision and it was produced by Rob Quickendon, just like the new one, Wear and Tear. Big props to him because I just don’t understand how something so loud can sound so dynamic at the same time. False-Heads have been very active lately, releasing a bunch of new videos and a whole new four-track EP, but it doesn’t sound like attention seeking, hopping around, waving their arms, flinging CD’s, no, these tracks have a perfectly justifiable raison d’être in the fact that they’re good. Fall Around genuinely excited me, a rarity, and so did Wear and Tear’s opener Wrap Up, the almost-too-heavy song that really clicks when the vocals kick in. No harm can be done to them, their shoulders are broad. The brilliantly named Twentynothing is a little more vulnerable with its pits and valleys of quiet and loud, fast and slow, but still relentlessly marching on to Snatch, which stands out mostly thanks to the amazing bass sound. Closing the EP is Nothing in There, the one song missing from Sebadoh’s III. Good job, False-Heads, keep ‘em coming! And for the rest of you, go buy the EP, it’s only about the price of a coffee!


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