thoughts – Tuck


That alt/rock guitar band that go by the name thoughts (with a lowercase ‘t’, I assure you) have returned with their latest stab at an infectious single; here’s ‘Tuck’. In a similar fashion to their previous single, ‘Animals’, we are treat to a contagious riff driven bassline that holds the groove of 70s disco in the swing and style of Peace and Superfood. Despite comparisons to early 2010s NME indie, there are elements that hark back to an older time. There’s parts of glam rock, with the exposed and prominent guitar solo that would not seem too out of place on T-Rex record – it works in a sublime way however, walking delicately on the tightrope of cliché, however teetering slightly on the side of success as this is what pins it as a great pop song. It never struggles too much as a single release. It’ll be interesting to see where thoughts can go from here, to see the depth of their sound, get a grasp of where it is going and what they have to offer the Brighton music scene in the long term. We have been shown a preview of what they can offer in the form of two fantastic singles and I hope they have the legs to continue and push themselves, standing out within such a saturated scene. The ball is in their court and the wheel’s are in motion.

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