Animal House – Figure It Out

animal house

The Aussie born, now Brighton based band, Animal House emerged in the deep, dark early stages of 2014; since then the band have grown to receive the beginnings of what is set to be widespread critical acclaim. Their first single: ‘Sour’ was released at the back end of last year and now, the band are gearing up for the release of their sophomore single: ‘Figure It Out’.

The garage/electronic four piece’s latest effort demonstrates the musk and dirt of a pickup truck grazing through the Outback of Australia. Husky, tobacco coated vocals lurch about the song, demonstrating the storm, whilst simultaneously ushering the calm between it. Think early Kings of Leon with a verve of electronic cutting between it.

A catchier-than-the-common-cold keyboard line strikes through you, pummelling and setting the tempo for the rest of the song. With a snarling, tooth-sucking swagger, this band can go a hell’uva long way and you just got to journey with them. Possessing the same careless bounce, pound and lager-infused swagger that took the early noughties indie/rock bands to the heights, it’s not long till these take off. Listen to it and go figure it out for yourselves.

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