Getting to Know You: Animal House

We recently caught up with Animal House ahead of their latest single launch: the mighty ‘Figure It Out’. The Aussie bunch look set to take Brighton by an absolute wave in 2015 after their recent relocation, in the coming weeks they play both a single launch at The Joker and feature at this year’s Great Escape. Keep at them Brighton. Here it is, getting to know you…

What was it that pulled you to Brighton from Australia in first instance?


We wanted to play, write and hear as much as we could. England seemed like the obvious choice to us because we play guitar tunes and England’s the place for guitar music. To be honest though, the first city that we put serious thought into was London. But for a dose of good luck all four of us could be sharing a single room there right now… ha.. I’m joking (kind of) but I seriously don’t know how musicians (waiters) can afford it. Anyway, about a month or two before we were flying out, Jack and I were having a beer with a couple of friends of ours who told us we’d be fools not to check out Brighton. I think it’s the best advice we’ve ever been given. I can remember chasing gigs the first night we arrived and finding out there were decent shows on every night of the week. Every single night. That just doesn’t happen from where we’re from. Then we went to a show on a Tuesday or Wednesday night thinking it would be some poor band rocking out to an empty room. The place was absolutely rammed. So I guess we didn’t really get pulled to Brighton, but now we are here, I don’t think we’ll be leaving any time soon.


How do you feel – if at all – your Australian roots have influenced your sound?


Our sound is a pretty cheerful one and I think that has a lot to do with the fact that we’re pretty cheery buggers. Australians are like rude English people on holiday on a huge tropical island in the middle of nowhere who keep drinking too much. There isn’t a whole lot to be angry about with that. Our music is sunny stuff. 


Both singles have brought to you a growing level of popularity, what’s planned for the future?

We’re working towards an EP to release in the second half of this year which is the next big milestone for us. Between now and then we’ll be writing, recording and playing as many shows as we can. 


Have you got any stand out bands at the moment in Brighton that you can recommend to people?


Funnily enough the first band I saw in Brighton from that story above was called Demob Happy and I saw them again last week at the Haunt. They’re incredibly solid. I get this feeling that they’re going to write some super tune in their next album and blow up something huge. Heavier garage/grunge with some incredibly catchy riffing. 

I’d also recommend a band called Strange Cages. They reminds me of the Stooges but a bit more spaced out. Their lead man Charlie has some killer pipes. 


You seem to deal with an exceptionally interesting genre, one that seems to draw from a variety of background. Who do you stipulate as your main influences?


We’re huge fans of the early Kings of Leon and Strokes albums. Their songwriting and DIY ethic in the early days was amazing. We also really appreciate interesting production such as in the Black Keys album “Brothers” – plays a big part in generating the vibe. We like coupling the two. Live jamming is a major part of the songwriting and recording process but we’re not afraid to squeeze in a few hooks and claps here and there either, adds to the raucousness.




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