Why Should I Be Excited About… The Warlocks at Sticky Mike’s, 05/05/2015


Strange Cages

As people interested in the Brighton music scene, there are some obvious reasons why to go to a gig. Is there a Brighton band playing? Check. Do we like their style? Yes. Yes we do. We’re talking about Strange Cages, the big desert dive bar garage band, freaking out truck drivers and geckos, give them a listen if you haven’t already:

Enemy Eyes

Enemies Eyes are another one of the smaller bands and we’re very much about that. They’re coming from Manchester to support The Warlocks on their tour, which merits some attention on its own. One cute thing about them is that they still have a myspace link on their facebook page. Don’t be confused though, these guys rock:

Black Market Karma

But apart from that – why is this a gig worth mentioning? Well, there’s Black Market Karma and you don’t really see these guys every day. One of my favourite things about them is that they release their albums on Flower Power Records and distribute them for free. Really, all you have to do is mark the sounds you want and click download. They have this kind of drawn-out nasal sound that combines the slow-strum fuzzy hum of modern psychedelia and a kind of 90’s britpop quality in the melodies. Painfully soothing, I mean, see for yourselves:

The Warlocks

Now, if you don’t know The Warlocks, but you liked the previous two bands, you should really get acquainted. Start with something like Come Save Us from the 2005 album Surgery…

…and make your way to the 2013 Skull Worship with some unorthodox progressive tendencies like the time signature on the bass in Endless Drops:

Then, if you’re into the tales and legends kind of stuff, there’s the connection with Brian Jonestown Massacre and the borrowing of names from Velvet Underground to entice you. But, honestly, you should just come for the amazing music.

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