Getting To Know You: BRONCHO


We got in touch with Oklahoma garage rockers: BRONCHO earlier this week when they rocked up in Brighton supporting The Districts at The Green Door Store. The band have recently gained popular critical acclaim due to their single ‘Class Historian’, the song has appeared on HBO’s show ‘Girls’ and has thrown BRONCHO to success both sides of the pond.

After releasing their latest album: ‘Just Enough Hip To Be A Woman’ at the latter of end of twenty fourteen, they have gone from strength, to strength and now to the mighty. It was a pleasure catching up with them and here’s what frontman, Ryan thought of the UK, recently supporting Tame Impala and ultimately, how the UK and Europe has turned him onto God’s own medicine… Beer. Get stuck in…

How would you describe your live presence to everybody?

Our main focus is incorporating energy. Energy involved here and there and everywhere. We view it a little bit like a dance recital, making sure you make all the moves and shake those booties if y’know what I mean.

How has your single ‘Class Historian’ developed the band?

It has allowed us to come over here. It gave us a popular platform over here and has allowed us to play more and more.

How do you find the UK treats you?

It’s really great. We played here (The Prince Albert) in the Fall of last year and it was great. It was a good introduction to us and Class Historian was the one that everyone knew, it gave people something to grasp. We played in London, Manchester and Bristol.

How has your latest album – ‘Just Enough Hip to Be A Woman’ developed your sound?

I think it is way into playing a lot more obvious melodies, the first record was supposed to be this messy, quick, fuzzy record. This one is a little bit longer, still very short, but the songs are slower and there is more time to allow melody to be exposed.

How do you find Europe treats you in comparison to the States?

The fans probably correlate to different regions in the US. When we play in Germany, the people tend to chill out at shows and not go crazy, that’s kinda the way it is with whereabouts we come from in Oklahoma. We get taken care of over here because we can’t do it ourselves, people need to drive us, we need people to help us out with shows over here and they are very kind in doing so. In the States of course, we can do it all ourselves.

So what’s Oklahoma like, I know very little about the place apart from what John Steinbeck has told me?

Oklahoma City is cool, it’s definitely home to me as I grew up there. I don’t feel like I need to be there my whole life and this works for me as I’m gone so much. The charm of it hasn’t been lost, it’s not been overexposed, I can visit when I’m back home and know I’m visiting home. It’s a college town so there’s a lot going on but it’s not too busy. The music scene is pretty cool, there’s a bunch of songwriters of all types – a lot of garage bands, a lot of country of course. It’s a real miss match.
Okay, so can you recommend any bands from over there?

My friends band Evangelicals are cool. The most easy thing to say is to relate it to the indie world, I suppose – you’ll have to listen yourself though, I’m not too good at explaining this sort of thing.

How was it supporting Tame Impala the other week?

Yes! We played with them in California. It was great, they are really awesome. It was just outside of LA. I’ve liked them for a long time and it was a fantastic opportunity.

Most importantly, how do you find the beer is over here in comparison to the States?

Great, I really love it. So much better. I never really cared too much for drinking beer, I’ve always been more of a liquor drinker. Over here, I like how simple it is, when we were out here in the Fall, all I did was drink beer and did this instead of eating. It’s odd because I noticed that US craft beer is exceptionally popular over here like Sam Adams and stuff, it seems so expensive, which is funny because European beer has come over to the US now and it’s so expensive too.

What’s next for BRONCHO in 2015 then?

We are touring a lot, stuff keeps getting added all the time to this tour. We are staying on the road pretty much till the end of the year.

Do you enjoy being on tour so much?

I can do whatever it takes really. If we are touring a bunch, I know it’s for a reason, I’m not gonna debate it… There’s no point in being negative as there is a ton of people who are desperate to tour. There’s something about being back at home for a bit too though, you forget how much you miss people until you get back home – friends and family and that. It’s lovely seeing old places where you used to grow up.

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