Get Free: Gig Picks This Week – 4/5/2015

So May has begun. I pull together this gig guide having spent the majority of my day trying to hustle my way through a monstrous hangover gathered from Green Door Store’s blues night. This week, those old favourites, Nordic Giants return to Concorde on Saturday, Small Pond present a hell of a lot of good stuff from their exceptional pond in the form of SHIGETO (Thursday / BLEACH) and Mutiny on the Bounty (Saturday / Sticky Mike’s) and The Warlocks hit home on Tuesday at Sticky Mike’s. So, what we have done is dig beneath the surface a little further to find some grubby little gems that you may otherwise have missed. Check it, yo!

sea change

Thursday 7/5/15 – Love Thy Neighbor head swiftly over to The Hope and Ruin to bring us the mystical, enigmatic Sea Change. Sea Change is the musical alias of Oslo-based Ellen A.W. Sundes whose previous singles ‘Bursting’, ‘Let’s Dance’ and ‘Bridges’ were released throughout 2014, followed by her debut album release ‘Breakage’ in February of this year. Her icy sounds have drawn comparisons to the likes of Fever Ray, iamamiwhoami and Lykke Li and have begun to build a snowballing fan base. If that didn’t quite get your attention, support comes from Dog In The Snow and Crooked Teef. Come on down to a night of punctured sounds, trip-hop beats and the best music of this genre since Portishead gave us ‘Dummy’. 6 pound and 60 pence and worth everyone one of those 660 pennies.


Thursday 7/5/15 – Animal House are only going and bloody launching their cracking new single ‘Figure It Out’. Wholeheartedly and honestly, this song is an anthem that if you haven’t quite got round to hearing yet, stick it in your lug ‘oles. It’s stellar, it’s free, it’s election day. Animal House pull together a sweet ol’ garage rock, electronic sound, it’s cool – it’s got the husk of early Caleb Followill, it holds the swagger of The Strokes back in their leather jackets and the catchy as the common cold keyboards of MGMT. Support comes from the mighty Fallow Deer – another one of our favourites here at Give It Back, and Safe To Swim. Here’s a haiku from the band: On seventh of May, Election day, Animal House, don’t have to pay. Dig it. FREE.


Friday 8/5/15 – Them heavy space rock chimps that go by the name Enos are heading over to the muvver duckin’ Prince Albert and here’s why you should go! Enos’ music goes hand in hand with the comic they share their name with. Following the story of the eponymous chimpanzee the music switches from psychedelia, hard and solid riffing and relaxed passages to narrate the tale of Enos’ adventures. Support on the night comes from Elephant Tree and Jungfrau. On top of this, to finish the package off as it were, Innerstrings are doing some visual attacks. See you down the front? 4 squid


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