Dirty White Fever – 7.83hz


Dirty White Fever is the latest project from frontman Dominic Knight (Bad For Lazarus and Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster) and drummer, Leon Holder. They are a two piece with the ferocity and fear striking sounds of a Roman Army.

Dirty White Fever launched this muthaducka’ of a single last week in Brighton on the 7th of May at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar. It’s a tub-thumping blend of broken, scuzzed out guitar tones merged with some damn groovy hip-hop beats. Live, this song was set to tear the skin straight from your mug, it blistered through you and on recording, you get that same sense, the lurching, turning and tearing. Vocally, we are served a dosing of quips, floundering tempo and staggering howls throughout the chorus. Drumming is tight, groovy and something set to make you shake your bum, it combines and comes to terms with the guitar, riffing and busting at all times. 7.83hz takes onboard all the chutzpah that Knight’s previous projects have had however it plays this up to the hip-hop sensibility – it’s debauched but in a new light. Arriving with a scuzzed up cover of Mos-Def’s ‘Hip-Hop’ as the B, it’s clear where Dirty White Fever find their antithesis to the blistering rock’n’roll, it comes in a bloody marvellous package together.

Get down and see these fine dudes sometime soon, Knight warns of the avoidance of danger in 7.83hz so don’t let nothing stop you.

They play the Alternative Escape tonight (13th of May) at The Hope and Ruin. Get on down.

Photo copyrighted to Keira Cullinane


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