Blind Motive – The Way You Behave

Blind Motive are pretty new on the scene down here in Brighton. They have their debut gig at The Prince Albert on the 9th of June launching their debut EP ‘Even The Neighbours Will Like It’.

Blind Motive arrive with a slick desert rock style, half Pearl Jam, half Era Vulgaris era QOTSA. It’s nice, it’s smooth and something that can really dig them summer vibes that Brighton will start to let off – I hate to step on cliches but it’s certainly one them car songs, something that would suit the late 70’s rock coming over from the other side of the pond. There’s the vocal shadow of Eddie Vedder lurking behind every guitar part and section within the song. As a single, there’s every element you would expect, an engaging prechorus supported by a lovely drop in tempo and into the chorus or breakdown section. It’s a fantastic song and it’s exciting to see where this band could go. A criticism would perhaps lay with the slight over production, something that seems to take the grit out of a song that would perfectly suit it, unnecessary polishing of songs that don’t seem to logistically require it. I hope Blind Motive stick around and push their comfort zones slightly, this a great song but we have fingers crossed for the future.


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