Get Free: Brighton Gigs This Week – 18/5/2015

After a stupendously busy week last week with all that Great Escape, Alternative Escape lark, we return with our gig guide this week. Another massive week, a ton of gigs going on with the likes of CHEATAHS visiting, Sleaford Mods and Esben and the Witch; we can’t give you anymore of an excuse to raise yourself off of your stinking couch this week. Get out and see ’em. Check out our picks below.


Tuesday 19/5/15 – Aquaserge bring their brand spanking new psych pop to The Green Door Store this Tuesday and the whole shazam is absolutely zilch. Get your free tickets straight from Seetickets and all other outlets but this will be special. New French psych-experimental-pop band Aquaserge is formed of Julian Gasc (Stereolab), Julien Barbagallo (Tame Impala), alongside Benjamin Gilbert, clarinet player Manon Gilbert, and bassist Audrey Ginestet. Wanting to explore different pockets of rock, a mixture of influences was thus established – navigating between the kraut giants such as Neu! and Faust, anglo-saxon pop, Soft Machine, Frank Zappa. The result is something wholly original. Aquaserge sings an epic tale. A strange, underwater mythology is woven from one opus to the next — that of the charming Serge, survivor and savant, who wanders in the abyss aboard his cigar-shaped submarine. Support on the night comes from the fantastic Crayola Lecturn, Marcus Hamlet, Wax Machine and DJ Innerstrings.


Wednesday 20/5/15 – Tomorrows Tulips take on The Joker with a big thumbs up to Teen Creeps for sorting us lucky rats with this one. Squished between Los Angeles and San Diego, Tomorrows Tulips give birth to a sound that is culled from equal parts pop experience and esoteric interests. Touring in support of their third effort: ‘WHEN’ which showcases the group’s evolution through a blend of pop sensibilities with post punk, noise rock and DIY recording techniques—endeavors that demonstrate the band’s interest in experimentation and impromptu deconstruction. Support comes from Buddha Blood and Bar Rats. Get on down the Devil’s Disco. £6 and sixty.


Friday 22/5/15 – Fuzz Orchestra show up at The Cowley Club and this one’s bound to get your weekend gearing up in the right way. They take on this uber cool little venue with help from Swarbrooke and Moodhoover. Fuzz Orchestra, starting from radical improvisation, the band forges a sound which today, is built on strong rock textures, guitar and drums based, on which a fluxus of outer sounds (old movies, old vinyls cut ups, noise streams and real time audio manipulations) ties and rages. In 2007 they release their self titled debut album, scarcely 30 minutes of noise and kraut rock, the themes being glorious (La Resistenza against fascism) and dark (’60 and ’70 state terrorism) moments of contemporary italian history. In 2009, with the second album “Comunicato no.2”, the music gets more brutal and heavy, while the band gives voice back to those who have tried to revolt against the inhuman capitalist world order. 7 squid.

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