Up and Coming Art in Brighton – Space to Respond


As the weather turns from overcast to sweltering and exams are wrapping up, we start to see that time of year where most students are going for beers on the beach in the sun, and staying up late playing video games. However, the art scene in Brighton never sleeps; and apparently neither do the 1st and 2nd year Fine Art Painting students from the University of Brighton.

Over the last two weeks they have been working super hard creating large scale pieces of art, and preparing an exhibition after hearing about an abandoned depot in Lewes awaiting development as a cinema and art space. The up and coming artists seized the opportunity to use this as a huge studio, to create massive work that their term-time addresses and studio spaces just weren’t big enough for. Varying from painting on the walls/floor, installation pieces and much more, the artists of Brighton have been pushing themselves to create exciting and ambitious pieces. Now on Friday and Saturday they are presenting their hard work for public viewing.

I managed to get hold of some photographs of the empty depot before any of the artists started transforming it, and I personally can’t wait to see the finished exhibition and see how they all interacted with the space they were given. Cleverly named “Space to Respond”, the exhibition starts tomorrow and runs all day Friday and Saturday until 5. The flyer above has all the relevant information.

11263836_575722845901334_1560608557_n 11350141_575722835901335_1826761109_n 11292854_575722839234668_1443931586_n 11304172_575722842568001_448920576_n

So if you find yourself stuck inside with no exams left to do, you want to go outside and enjoy the weather and also support some rising talents of the Brighton art scene, make sure you head over to Lewes and check it out!


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