Bookshop – Natalie

Bookshop have breathed new life into my taste in music videos, not only this, they have restored my belief in them once more. I’m sick to my back teeth of egos bouncing around in front of cameras and with Bookshop’s tongue in cheek, 1950s horror throwback video for ‘Natalie’, I’m happy to see a bit of comedy and light heartedness. Seeming something not too far from the 1950’s alien film: Invasion of the Bodysnatchers with it’s title popping up in that Captain America-esque yellow bubble writing, it’s a bloody nice invasion.

‘Natalie’ has that jangle of Foxygen or the late Black Lips stuff circa Underneath the Rainbow, it’s got the hushed vocals plodding along over a jolly guitar line, bouncing, endearing and charming in it’s movement. It’s a short, sweet song, something that can turn salt to sugar it’s so innocent. The fact that Bookshop have opted to keep this short is testament to it’s sound and naivety – there’s no point in over killing this little number. There’s the lovely little time changes that add a new dynamic, ensuring the song remains appealing and enticing. Essentially what Bookshop have done is cram everything you want and desire from a song, the hook, that guitar breakdown, the compelling chorus and it is all stuck inside two minutes. A charming song, playful video and a sinister plot. Bookshop have got it made. Get stuck into it below…


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