Get Free: Brighton Gigs This Week – 1/6/2015

Bloody hell, it’s June (!!) How time flies, eh? It’s almost my year’s anniversary in this lovely city and what a way to celebrate it, only Elvis Costello and Bryan Ferry are showing up to help swing it in. Not really, they don’t care it’s just I’m a self-righteous bugger and therefore believe, in my heart of hearts, that they really do. You can catch Elvis at Brighton Dome tomorrow for a pretty penny – £40, and Bryan for an even prettier on – £49.50 (also at Brighton Dome). This is a one off for Brighton, a surprisingly quiet week, there’s still bits and bobs going on though, so here’s our picks:


Tuesday 2/6/15 – White Denim are one of them bands that are fit to headline any small to medium festival, be it Latitude, End of the Road or even Field Day. They are incredible, if you haven’t heard one of their numerous albums, start off with last year’s Corsica Lemonade. It’ll blow your little grey matter right outta Brighton. Their frontman, Bop English is sticking it down at Sticky Mike’s this Tuesday and we can’t advise going enough. His debut album release, ‘Constant Bop’ blends all that jazz, prog, funk and blues and is a ‘pass the parcel with a treat in every layer’ – we love this metaphor so much. It’s a mere £8 and worth every single funkin’ dime. Get well stuck in.


Wednesday 3/6/15 – Love Thy Neighbour are kickin’ their jams down at The Hope and Ruin this Wednesday with The Fiction Aisle. Lounge music and the theatre of musicals are maybe niche genres when it comes to the average music fan’s repertoire, but they shouldn’t be. In many respects both are genres in desperate need of resurrection for music’s sake if nothing else, and The Fiction Aisle have the talent to turn an ember into a fire…. a band at the start of an exciting journey, and Tom White a writer moving beyond being a proponent of the zeitgeist into a truly unique voice. Support comes from Prince Vaseline who have the sound of cult outfits such as British Sea Power and Art Brut – and, Heliopause, cinematic pop which carries the sound of lust. Yum. 4 on the door.


Thursday 4/6/15 – Teen Creeps welcome Andrew Jackson Jihad to the realm of Brighton. This takes place at Sticky Mike’s on Thursday. Teen Creeps suggest he is for fans of Bright Eyes, Against! Me etc, they play politically charged folk-punk which often covers themes of social anxiety, poverty, humanity, religion, existentialism and politics. Sounds like if you dig your anarchistic, nihilistic vibes, this fella is straight down your avenue and over your neighbour’s garden fence. Support is from Hard Girls and it’ll only cost you 7 squid in ADV.

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