Be Where There’s Food – Papa Pitta


We checked out Papa Pitta last Sunday, their authentic Greek cuisine is supplemented by traditional Greek music and the fantastic, warm-welcoming staff made it a super visit. Cucumber water on arrival, it literally breathed the Mediterranean vibes into a late starting Summer. Me and my two buddies checked out their souvlaki, I myself had the halloumi and my friends, chicken and pork (my amigos were not called chicken and pork, that’s what they ate). Never before have I had such relentlessly flavoursome food. Tarred in spices, lemon juice and a fantastic dressing, it’s one that really sets them tastebuds alive. Priced at a very reasonable cost, it set me back just £3 for a mini kebab – if you opted for the large, it was £6 for the halloumi and and £7 for the meats. 

If you’re into your olives, souvlaki or even ouzo (a wicked aniseed flavoured spirit), this number is for you. Situated at the back of Diplock’s Market, this pop up restaurant is certainly one to visit. On the way you can pick up any little trinket for yourself from the bric-a-brac – from pictures, to truncheons to old hairdresser’s chairs. Share your new chair with a souvlaki. Here’s two massive thumbs (and a belly) up from Give It Back Magazine, get on down to Papa Pitta. 


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