Munez & Glen Foye – the dream begins split


Munez came to our attention earlier this year with their lo-fi home recording of an EP called Bunch Of Legend. Then NME picked up on it, as they do, but we were first, you know, and that matters. Munez, on the other hand, as it turns out, were not first. Some say they came to be after Glen Foye decided they wanted buddies to gig with, so why haven’t you heard of Glen Foye before? Well, because they’re shy. Not big on theatrics and onstage antics, Glen Foye are more defined by a post-rockish sort of musicality, changing time signatures, whispering and shouting, tapping like woah! and a relentlessness of rhythm.


The Munez half of the split begins with a rated-R-for-swearing distorted snippet of a radio monologue, a nod at many similar 90’s punk-rock pranks and it’s obvious they’re having fun. Through the course of two songs, they manage to snap in and out of feedback frenzies and valleys of softer lyricism. These should do well in Brighton.


Glen Foye, on the other hand, have a different approach to listener satisfaction. This is more of a ‘Come for the noise, stay for the emotions!’ sort of strategy. I don’t know how many fans Tortoise have around these parts, but if you can’t stand the sheer instrumentality of it, then Glen Foye’s blend with hardcore should make you happy. Keep your eyes peeled for live dates in Brighton and listen below!

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