Get Free: Brighton Gigs This Week – 8/6/2015

Here’s our guide to getting you up and off the couch this week. Up and at ’em. Sofas just can’t speak for everything, all you can do is take our word for it. That’s all I’ll say. Get stuck into Brighton and see what it spits back at you.


Tuesday 9/6/15 – Blind Motive launch their debut EP ‘Even The Neighbours Will Like It’ at us this Tuesday at The Prince Albert. The whole thing costs a grand total of zero pound and zero pence so there’s even more need to get down and see these desert rockers. We checked out one of their songs last month titled ‘The Way You Behave’ and it’s sensual groove got us all hot under the collar so go see it for yourself. Support on the night comes from the magnificent Silver’s Got Strings and Mantras. Get on down and in the meantime, see what they did with Small Pond Recordings, them boys work their magic and make something brilliant happen all for your viewing pleasure.


Thursday 11/6/15 – Nova State throw at us their double A side release: ‘Alcohol/Millionaire’ this Thursday at The Hope and Ruin. Nova State blend everything from Brit-Pop to Grunge and everything along the way. Last year’s release, ‘Inside Out’ took plenty of playing on BBC Introducing  and their upcoming double A side gives us a hint and flavour at how this band have developed, evolved and grown in the last six months. ‘Alcohol/Millionaire’ discusses being young, hungry, thriving and restless within Brighton, wanting more and taking more. It’s a young band who demand to stand aside from the trends and growing musical gentrification that swarms the UK. Take a bunch of these cats for a mere quid on the night, just the one. Support comes from Billy Bligh and Downtown Dusseldorf.


Thursday 11/6/15 – Another one this Thursday and it sees ex-Gallows frontman Frank Carter arrive with his Rattlesnakes at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar. Expect probably one of the best live gig experiences you will ever have, it’s the last on the tour so expect these punks to give you a solid boot on through to the weekend. They go hell to leather and take the leather down through to the murky depths of hell. Planet Mosh recently described their first single release, ‘Fangs’ as been ‘two and a half minutes of raw, punk perfection that threatens to rip your windpipe out and shove it back down your throat’. Make of that what you will. Support comes from Milk Teeth and Loom. £11 in advance.

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