Go!Zilla – Sinking In Your Sea


If your country has a sea and a sun and a seagull for poop, then watch the hell out! Because there’s probably a budding garage-fuzz-is-this-san-fran-yet music scene surrounding you. It’s happening all over the world, I tell ya. Go!Zilla is an Italian band from the oddly landlocked Firenze and they call themselves an ‘acid psychedelic punk band’ but you know what they mean. It’s a Ty Segall kicked in the Nuggets by John Dwyer type of music, which Brighton has been showcasing in and around the South. The Italians have produced several of these bands lately, slowly sending them our way, like when Parrots played Green Door Store not too long ago, which we’ll take a look at later. Does this mean that the world is homogenizing into a single note envelope, one lonely fuzz-noise across the whole frequency spectrum? Well, not completely, but the differences are definitely subtle. The Sinking In Your Sea EP has something of a Mediterranean whimsy to it, a distinctly Italian sense of humour and irony. The album isn’t just a constant full-on wail and racket, listen to it inhale aggressively in the titular song and then calmly exhale colourful patterns in Looking In The Mirror. These Italians definitely have something good cooking for us. Check it out yourselves!

Listen to the full album here!

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