Why Should I Be Excited About… Fake Plant Launch Party at The Joker, 19/6/15

Okay, so incase you’ve been living under a rock for the past month or so, Fake Plant have come across the city in a swamping manner and this Friday they hold their mammoth launch party at The Joker showcasing some of their favourite bands. Featuring on the lineup are a couple of our favourite cats, Porridge Radio and Bookshop. As well as this we have two piece grungers Fuoco, The Whig Whams, Kit Warton’s newest project – Thundernauts, The Kneecaps, Party Hardly, Dog Legs, Caledonia Records’ – Rad Fru, Sealings and headliners Blaenavon and ultimately, a bloody load of secret sets dotted around the day. When you’ve digested this ambitious and shakin’-at-the-knees exciting lineup, have a lil’ listen at what is going on.

So opening are Porridge Radio, Porridge Radio arrives as the alias for singer Dana. ‘Misery Radio’ is her latest release is a collection of her work over the last two years, songs written and scratched within her own bedroom and recorded in that endearing DIY fashion. We definitely recommend getting down early to see Porridge Radio in all it’s spectacular glory.

Next up we have Bookshop. Bookshop give us a great jangly, Black Lips-esque country jangle. There’s a bit Spaghetti Western so imagine Clint Eastwood hovering in the corner and you get the picture. The whole thing ain’t so all American, in fact it’s quite the opposite, the whole thing is given a very British wash, slightly Peter Doherty, slightly Morissey. Bags of charm and humour.

Fuoco are on late afternoon. This Sittingbourne based two piece have the angst and energy of a two piece band with the attitude of an angry mob. Taking from the likes of Slaves, Drenge and Kagoule – they will put you right back in your place. Soaked in grunge.

The Kneecaps take to that God damn stage now and boy, they are gonna give you a kick up the ol’ backside. They are a three piece, fuzz filled, messy as hell reverb laden trio and these cats are going to come out kickin’ and screamin’ – be there for sure. We’ve seen it before with a Ty Segall, Mikal Cronin fury.

San Diego rockers The Whig Whams are up next. Surf rock vibes with songs about mates, booze and sexual deviancy. Something we all like to occasionally dabble with. It’s summer time and these sort of ideas play a major part in soaking up the Brighton sun so let The Whig Whams kickstart the motherfucking party for you.

Thundernauts take the next spot. These act as one of Kit Wharton’s projects, for anybody who’s been into the Brighton lo-fi garage scene recently, Kit has contributed his fair share to Brighton and now Thundernauts arise. Taking influence from the likes of The Byrds, 13th Floor Elevators and Captain Beefheart, expect more of their super surfy vibes but with a tinge of 60s psych. Certainly a band we are excited to catch. Catch these later on.

Party Hardly are up next, formerly Wulfs – these cats give us some of their downright gorgeous psych pop sounds. Dragging you through dreams of a not so distant past, their track ‘Moving Out’ could be the call to all you young guns moving home, leaving home or trying to find home. Nods to the likes of White Fence, The Black Ryder and Kevin Morby, there’s some super lovely sounds you need to catch. If you don’t believe me, check Art Is Hard or DIY Magazine’s reviews of their stuff. Big, nice things.

Dog Legs bring with them an angsty two piece satire. Sounding something half way between The Moldy Peaches and The White Stripes, their single ‘Holiday’ packs just as much power as it does punch. These will be cool to watch, for fans of Girlpool!

Rad Fru have a raw, scuzzy fuzz sound to them which sounds mighty cool when stuck on the pack of galloping drums. A real nice contrast to one another, something that really finds the peace left in the gaps, something sane to cling to. Similar to the likes of Dolomite Minor, Gallery Circus and the like, these are two piece with a real raw sound.

Sealings are a noise goth trio who have supported the likes of Theo Verney and Black Lips in the past, quite an impressive history and for good cause too! They blend frantic energy and guitar parts with swooning, drowned vocals. Imagine dunking your head underwater and having Nick Cave bark slurs at you with Hookworms clanging away somewhere near the step ladders. No way out of this one. Get down and see these.

Finally, we have Blaenavon who are returning to Brighton’s sunny shores, just incase you suckers missed them last month at The Great Escape. This group bring a perfect accompaniment to the day/evening of music, something perhaps in line with Brighton’s very own Maccabees. There are fantastic melodies, guitar sections and intriguing time signatures. There’s a lot going on and I’m sure they are just as fantastic to watch, building tensions and releasing it all in a cathartic manner. Set to be the close to a fantastic day.


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