The Synergy Centre – Brighton

Something big and exceptionally important is happening in this loveable city…

Buildings rise and go in any cosmopolitan, bustling city, however, some of these buildings carry significant weight and importance; shaping a city, building a city and becoming pinnacle establishments. The Synergy Centre is going to be one of these as they aim to refurb HedKandi on West Street. 

They are a registered charity that will focus on transforming what was previously HedKandi into a new community centre through the daytime, collaborating with other local charities to provide activities and workshops. On the evening, the centre will become a hub of the local and national music scene in Brighton, showcasing live music to the public utilising their creative media to promote ethical and sustainable lifestyles.

So if you’re sat their stroking your chin thinking “what the ruddy ‘ell is this all about? What is the Synergy Centre and what do they do?” Here’s the answers….

– The Synergy Centre is a registered community charity refurbishing an 1800 capacity historical Brighton venue (HedKandi) on a shoestring budget & volunteer work

– It aims for national and regional alternative music to cross subsidise charity activity

– It will set out to bring cultural events to Brighton’s infamous booze crazed, stag do populated West Street

– The launch weekend (opening 350 capacity event space and 150 capacity community centre) on the 3rd/4th July

– Weekend line up – Dreadzone, Mixmaster Morris, Seize The Day, Ghanaian Drummers

– Operating within tough political/ licensing constraints

In the past The Synergy Centre has gained five years experience looking after one of London’s most renowned and largest clubs, providing an upstanding world orientated community centre. Recently, in the last 3 and a half years it has provided a new youth and community centre in Camberwell (South London), it has transformed an old establishment and provided something new, fresh and beneficial for the area. This is exactly what they aim to do on West Street. Currently they will open as a 500 capacity venue however, in the medium time they hope to expand to utilise the entire 1780 capacity!

Get down to their opening events:

Friday 3rd July – Dreadzone / Mixmaster Morris + Guests

Saturday 4th July – Seize the Day / Jacko Hooper / Kakatsitsi

Support these dudes, what they are doing is fantastic.


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