STILL, LIFE. – Lick Warehouse, 26/6/2015


So, if you’re suffering from some of them Glastonbury blues and want to see something interesting this weekend, look no further than STILL, LIFE. – a solo art installation from Bettina Nem. Expect fashion, live music, an interactive installation, plenty of colour, photography and print. Oh, to top it off, you like froyo? You like free? Put the two together and there’s one of them too.

Bettina is a multi disciplinary artist. Her work is joyful and colourful and highly conceptual. Having studied psychology as well as visual art and photography, she interprets her knowledge into her work and questions the possibilities of our minds, our capability of positive communication and behavioural patterns through interpersonal relationships.
In the past, Bettina has had several group exhibitions in well established galleries due to her deep understanding of today’s media.

The work is themed around emotions and time and their relationship to each other. These pieces are studies of memories, feelings and human relationships – visualisations of the incomprehensibility and elusiveness of all the above. How do we experience our relationships? How do we perceive our space and surroundings? What do we really feel and how do we act on it? How do we feel about death and how does it effect our life? My observance is just a piece of phantom reality. The work is a symbolic, visual combination of science, psychology and illustration – an attempt to reminisce by picturing feelings.

You may have heard of Bettina’s own fashion line, called NEM! Clothing. This is Bettina’s and is bloody bright, bloody colourful and awfully lovely.

Music comes from:

Swirly – with an enigmatic social presence that she has, it’s a mystery but we’re assured it’s awesome. There’s enough reason to be intrigued.

Tripping with MR.BEN

Some tropical records spinned by DreamLust

80’s powered DJ set by MOUNT BANK

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