Whitehawk FC Volunteer Day – 27th June 2015


Calling all Brightonians.

Whitehawk FC fans, lower league fans, Premiership fans, Brighton and Hove Albion FC fans, sports fans, lovers, haters, music fans, punks, Coronation Street fans – anybody. Whitehawk FC sit in East Brighton, just past Kemp Town and they are desperately calling for as much volunteer help as possible this coming Saturday. They need to borrow you for just a few hours and what it would mean to the club would be monumental; a small exchange of your hours can lift The Enclosed Ground beyond belief. They offer a hell of a lot of cool stuff in exchange however, so it’s not all volunteer.

Even the most ardent among us must admit that there are a few jobs that need doing to get The Enclosed Ground ready for the new season, so there’s plenty you can help with. We need weeders, painters, joiners, sanders… everything! There’s plenty to do so no matter how good you are with your DIY, we’ll find a job for you. However, if you ARE a tradesman please get in touch as we’ll almost definitely have something you can specifically help with.

The day starts at 10am and there will be a BBQ and FREE first pint for all helpers. Basic tools and materials to be provided.

Let’s get us ready for the new season together!

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