Sweetmates – Lay Down Your Crown


Firstly, it’s fortunate I’m listening to Sweetmates on a day like today, in the sweltering heat of this (at long last) sunny June evening. Sweetmates are fresh upon this compelling Brighton music scene. A two piece – in the form of Andrew and Sam, provide some wonderful, sun kissed disco, something that takes equally from indie and house, lovely up tempo soundtracks to swing around to in the blazing heat with a can of whatever lukewarm beer you can get your mitts on. At times sounding like Metronomy – the swimming bass grooves, tight vocal lines; merging this all with the obsessive beats and tempo of Caribou and the like via Luther Vandross’s finest disco along the way – essentially ‘Lay Down Your Crown’ could fit with Grand Theft Auto Vice City, however has the fortune of being produced in the modern day.

Sweetmates have their debut Brighton gig on the 17th of July at Sticky Mike’s for Brighton Rocks. Get down and support these guys. If you’re lucky, they’ll keep that sun shining on for you.


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