Why Should I Be Excited About… The Holydrug Couple at The Hope and Ruin, 5/7/15


Signed to Sacred Bones, the Chilean two piece bring an overwhelming dream pop haze to the forefront, their fourth LP entitled ‘Moonlust’ was released back in May this year so if you’re yet to hear it, you’re not too late to the party. Believe me, you don’t want to miss this either. ‘Moonlust’ contains a number of gems which are nicely tucked away – from the anthemic ‘French Movie Theme’ to the fresh-out-the-desert ‘Atlantic Postcard’, the soundscapes that are produced are magnificent. Not only placing you within the dream but toying with you, cuddling you and seducing you, you can’t help but feel as if The Holydrug Couple are trying to pull one over on you – as if the lure of the songs is only to set you up for something. What this two piece have the ability to create is a gentle tapestry of sound that encloses you and soothes you – falling somewhere between Spiritualized, Psychic Ills and Wooden Shjips. A gentle curtain of such fantastic music can be sure to bring with it a certain emphasis on lights, pushing the borders of sound and vision.

What really pleases me about The Holydrug Couple is the tastefulness with how they create their sound. It does not come across bleak or monotonous as many of these psychedelic bands often succumb to doing – it does not feel as if they are so forcefully wedged into a dream bracket that they feel the necessity to write 15 minutes of reverberated fart, the hooks are still there, signature changes and stunning melodies.

Oh yeah, did we say this was free? Well, yup. It is.

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