Rock*Ola Cafe and Bar


Holy mother. We have had burgers, but never before have we seen, read about, or heard of burgers like this. The Elvis?! Are you f’ing kidding me?! What sounds like a million layers of treats, from bacon, to peanut butter, to all sorts of cheeses – this burger, which weighs in at over 1kg has a kick to it and knows how to bloody rock it.

I headed in last Friday evening with two of my buddies, each of us sampling a different burger, myself trying a lamb and mint. Never before have I had lamb and mint as a burger, however, after trying it, I’m certainly gonna advise the premises of Rock*Ola to take your lamb and mint burger cherry as it did mine. Asides from the food, this joint sets out a real, traditional 50s diner vibe – you could be down at Jack Rabbit Slim’s from Pulp Fiction without even closing your eyes. From an authentic jukebox to the general seating decor; Rock*Ola has the experience down to a tee.

Get down to Rock*Ola and I dare you. I dare you, to try The Elvis. See if you can put it away.

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