Harleighblu – Futurespective


Well hasn’t Brighton’s weather been pretty great recently? (Apart from that bit of rain the other day, but please, lets ignore that for the sake of this post and the point I’m about to make).

When Brighton is this nice I can’t help but come out of the bubble that is my flat and “Netflix binge watching” environment and venture on outside. With the summer season comes summer playlists. I love creating playlists every couple of months, updating them with music new and old, mixing a collection of all my favourite genres. Whilst 16 year old me would blast her favourite country album round about now, I’m finding that my 20 year old self has been thriving off of soul and jazz music recently. (Don’t worry still blasting Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban on a regular basis, 16 year old me can breathe a sigh of relief).

In the past few weeks along with Brighton’s glorious heatwave I have found myself wanting to update my current summer playlist with some new discoveries. My latest discovery has been an artist called Harleighblu. Signed to Brighton’s very own ‘Tru Thoughts’ and originally from Nottingham, Harleighblu is a soul artist who’s most recent sound collaborates elements of electro to an authentic soul based instrumentation. Her powerful vocals that shine in front of a collection of piano and string arrangements are enough to even put her influences of Nina Simone and Billie Holiday to shame.

The young songwriter has been exploring different sides of her sound recently whilst also collaborating with a range of artists and producers in her new E.P ‘Futurespective’. The E.P represents soul music from a fun and modern perspective, refreshing the style by sampling a range of drum patterns and effects. Her raw lyrics are taking a front seat in this one, making her unique voice all the more captivating. I can see nothing but further success for the ‘Futurespective’ E.P and the rest of her career. 

Calling all Brighton folk, she is supporting label friend, J-Felix this Saturday at Fortune of War for his album launch. Its a free show so I encourage you to get there early and support them both. If you can’t make it I highly suggest showing Harleighblu some love over on her website- http://www.harleighblu.co.uk- where you can order yourself a copy of the ‘Futurespective’ E.P.

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