Why Should I Be Excited About… Fierce Friend / The Willing Gales / Mum, Dad and the Kids at The Prince Albert, 22/7/15



Glam, punk, power-pop, fast, agile, grooving, shaking and straight-up dancing. This isn’t one to miss, this is a beast like no other, here to cause mayhem, cause hips to shatter and brains to melt. All these good times for just 4 squid.

Fierce Friend are a five piece power-psych pop band, take that for what you want it to mean but they provide a bloody cool Beatles, My Bloody Valentine, Stereolab, Pavement crossover and pack it tightly into a marvellous, unique sound. Fierce Friend are new to the Brighton scene but we warn you, give these cats room to move and they sure as hell will swing by in six months time and scare the daylights out of you. After playing just one gig prior to this, they are bright, new prospects – give them chance tonight and you won’t regret it. We highly recommend their song available on Soundcloud: ‘Don’t Fade Me To White’.

The Willing Gales up the number some more and have opted for an eight piece proto-folk-punk-cabaret outfit. With this many members, all you can expect is a good ol’ knees up – chaotically orchestrated sax, stumbling and sauntering strings sections and – we quote – James Kemp’s wrecking ball vocals. For fans of the likes of Bellowhead and Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes, if you feel up to a dance and move, these dudes are for you.

First up, we have Mum, Dad and the Kids – elusive and mysterious, their Facebook page not giving much away – they drop their debut single ‘Future Proofed’ very soon but all we’re given up to then is their short teaser clip ’57 Seconds’, an odd, disturbing video shared with a glam, Franz Ferdinand-on-psychedelics sound. It’s alluring, intriguing and sure as hell has grabbed our attention. We can’t wait for this, many weeks of anticipation has drawn us to this climax.

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