JPEGMAFIA – Communist Slow Jams

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The Brighton based label, Memorials of Distinction are re-releasing one of the most important hip-hop albums of 2015. JPEGMAFIA’s ‘Communist Slow Jams’ will be released on a super limited edition cassette on the 31st of July.

Initially born in Jamaica, JEPGMAFIA has since relocated to Baltimore and provides a fresh and unique tongue in cheek critique of white America’s racism and control, the intelligent and scathing lyrics are accompanied by a string of ethereal beats, acting as a calming antidote to the poignant lyrics. JEPG holds a deep rooted anger in his lyrics, something that he expresses in a way that is head on – he claims ‘too much music, when addressing race issues, is “a black person apologizing for being who they are.” Instead, he aims to “tackle it head on in a way I think a lot of blacks feel when they’re angry.” The smoothness of JPEG’s beats stand in taught contrast with the barbed contents of his witty flow: “No apologizing. No victim shaming. Just pure anger and truth.”

Within his lyrics, he attacks and addresses people such as Motorhead’s Lemmy, Pharrell and Eric Clapton – each one a victim of JPEG’s lyrics in an exceptionally unapologetic, relentless way, however, this is much to his credit. Just as anyone who writes music, there is an exceptional layer of waffle and horseplay to get to the actual point, to get to the actual root of the issue. Whether this is a white, middle class British student in an apartment in Shoreditch, a working class Asian mother of two in Greater Manchester or, JPEGMAFIA, a black male in Baltimore – there has to be more ‘to the point’ lyrical engagement, less flowering and more cutting techniques. Where have the days gone with aggressive lyrical engagement? Perhaps it a softening of society’s nature or a growing passive aggressive creative media. A numbing, nevertheless.

So what do we say? We say go buy this, support Memorials of Distinction and give JPEGMAFIA a listen, we feel it’s important you do.

Here’s ‘Stoop’, the latest video from JPEGMAFIA.

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