King Provider – Filming Local Talent


Looking at Brighton all busy and bustling with activity as it gets ready for the Pride Village Party, even in weather as atrocious as this, it’s hard to imagine that genuine stuff could be happening anywhere else. There is, however, this barn near Herstmonceux, just north of Eastbourne – the town known in Brighton for having that one decent record store – where a group of young people is up to a very worthy challenge. They decided to create a video series documenting the flourishing local music scene, starting at the most crucial point of them all: bands. Unsigned, young, charismatic bands trying to do things differently, or not at all, just with an intriguing sound, intriguing enough, that is, to be part of this endeavour. The people at King Provider wish to create 20 episodes, each containing 3 songs and 15 minutes worth of an interview, to showcase and promote local talent, of which there is a healthy abundance. Now, we obviously care about our artists and bands and wish to see them treated well, which is why we’ll personally go and check up on the shoot, to make sure no music is being harmed. Watch this space to make sure you don’t miss any of it, and meanwhile go and check out all the other fabulous stuff King Provider generously provides!

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