Atlas Wynd – Mischief March


I like smart bands, I’m dumb that way. Right now I can’t think of more than two reasons to like a band: either they’re not smart at all, to the point of their carelessness being endearing and charismatic; or they’re so smart and calculated, all the way in your face with references and winks and hints, that you feel like some of it rubs off on you as you listen and think ‘Hey, I must be pretty darn smart too!’ And Atlas Wynd have a good measure of both. They moved to Brighton all the way from the North East, ditched a member or two on the way, and settled down South here with us. That’s a pretty clever move right there.


The funny thing is, these days you can’t just decide to be a two-piece and not back that decision up with a ton of good reasons, sonic or rational, whichever. Yeah, it’s unfair. So let’s look at this video they released back in June and see what’s to like. If there was only one reason to watch and keep watching, it’d be the charming naivety of the camerawork, the scenes and the portrayal of a band seriously trying to break through to their housemates at least, if nobody else will listen. There’s another reason, though, one we prefer, the sonic argumentation. Mischief March has the drive and relentlessness that we look for in a two-piece – there’s very little hesitation if any. This is, in fact, a march. We appreciate the subtle humour in the music and the breaths it takes, the classical song writing and loud guitars, the drums that never stop. Now that we’ve come to expect something, let’s see what else they can deliver. And while we wait, let’s enjoy that video one more time.

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