Humber Street Sesh – A Weekend Away


So, we took a trip up to the bloody lovely North for a weekend and whilst we were away, we thought we would go and visit the local festival in Hull: Humber Street Sesh. What a ruddy good festival though, never before have we been to a festival that does not rely on big name headliners, special guests or any other novelties – nope, this has it nailed down to the local scene. Around 40,000 people attended on Saturday, local music stuffed the warehouses, tents and pubs with revellers mingling around the middle when not watching artists, it was a great setup which embraced the friendly nature of the city. A colossal falling of rain lived up to the stereotype of the North of England but nothing held back these crazy cats in Hull. Brighton, here’s our guide to the top ten of what we saw and keep your eyes peeled as many of them have their eyes set on venues around you in the not so distant future. Think of this as a pre-empted preview of what’s to come, yeah? Cool.


This four piece have a mighty fine little groove going on, they launched their latest single ‘Same Wave’ just today and it’s Summer vibes give a gentle beat to ride upon. Think The Strokes, Television a bit of The Pixies and you’ve got this down to a tee, beautifully uplifting and catchy. The perfect garage pop song. Seen live, they look like them Droogs from Burgess’ ‘Clockwork Orange’ so definitely worth your time seeing them, and you’re time will come, we assure you, Brighton.


Loud, abrasive and tortured; something really screams at your from deep within a rotting gut. This grunge four piece certainly ride within the wake left by the likes The Wytches, looming guitar lines haunt you like the ghost of Christmas past as vocals usher through charred distortion, we sure hope to catch these down on Brighton’s sunny shores sometime.

The Black Delta Movement

Playing down in Brighton last November, everytime we catch this bunch they get bigger and better. Cutting down a garage root with a tinge of psychedelia, they merge the likes of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Black Angels and The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Previously they have supported the likes of Drenge, The Jesus and Mary Chain and The Stranglers. They can provide the tenderness between the riffs at times, as evidenced  with the touching rendition of The BJM’s ‘Anemone’ but when they up the ante, things really take off, just listen to the likes of ‘Blister’. Generating a huge crowd on the weekend, you can only expect to see them down in Brighton again very soon.

Fire (The Unstoppable Force)

Probably one of the most exciting things we have seen in awhile, these cats put on a fantastic show. Arriving on stage, clad in matching red blazers and black suit combinations, they had the style to stand by substance as they charmed and coaxed a soaking wet audience. Describing themselves as playing ‘a post apocalyptic brand of dark soul garage that will break your mind and melt your soul’, they certainly played their part well as our soul leaked all the way back to Brighton.

Avalanche Party

Full throttle garage rock’n’roll hailing from the North Yorkshire Moors, sounding like The Black Lips with a firecracker up their arse, they have the pace and volume of Ty Segall on a fistful of pills. A band born out of yelps, cutting guitars and juttering changes in speed, they put on the most entertaining show since you saw your gran get a bit too merry with the sherry at Christmas time. GO SEE THESE BLIGHTERS. Now? Now.

Cannibal Animal

Another great example of a grunge/shoegaze band that can provide those looming riffs, punctured with with pummelling drums, hammering away at the nail that just won’t go through the coffin lid. Icy and claustrophobic in every sense, a band to let your hair down to and lose yourself.

… And The Hangnails

Indie punk band hailing from Yorkshire, drawing down a line of influences such as Cage The Elephant, Manchester Orchestra and JEFF The Brotherhood. Once again, another group that have the whole live thing down perfectly, they understand how to manipulate and grasp an audience, shake them about a little then leave them to wonder what the muck just happened.

The No Nothings

Speeding, garage, trash – hell to leather and a live performance that justifies it all and makes it all feel so fucking right. Crazed, infused and scruffy, if you get chance to see these you’re one lucky rascal. For fans of The Dead Kennedys, Minor Threat and The Circle Jerks.

La Bete Blooms

Shoegazey and angsty, pointing towards American alternative rock such as Pavement and The Pixies and then towards more contemporary artists such as Yuck. Teenage slackers that have Harmony Korine written all over them.


Taking to the mainstage at the event, it was a super time to see these punks, filling it with a stellar presence, something putting the gall back into your guts. A rehash of yesteryear’s band, The Neat and their ‘In Youth Is Pleasure’ was a cool old surprise so yup, they played at The Green Door Store for this year’s Great Escape so, expect to see them down here soon enough.


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  1. I agree totally with what you have written about The Sesh , so well organised and really enjoyable , we travelled from down south for it and we will go again next year .Other towns and cities should learn from this fantastic event .In my opinion the best band were Teef , who performed in Fruit , fast , furious garage punk .


  2. Excellent review; too much going on at the Humber Street Sesh to take it all in. The break dance and rap battles were great at the urban quarter. My highlight was The Streaming Lights – quirky, witty, with shades of Hot Chip (they use home made effects on guitar and bass to create keyboard sounds).Have a listen:

    Glad you had a good time. Can’t wait for the next one.


  3. I didnt go to this years, first one i have missed. I hope next years event there are no major sporting events on the same day, that mess down at the Rovers ground took a lot of people away from attending.


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