King Provider: The Inside Scoop


I got taken over to Herstmonceux yesterday, a place that causes confusion based upon the name itself. A mystery to anyone who is not from there or struggles with French, it is a tongue twister and also can make you seem exceptionally ignorant when you have to repeatedly ask for it to be repeated as you get it wrong for the umpteenth time, however, it took me on my first true adventure in the unknown lands of East Sussex. Why was I going here? Not much seems to go on here, I get that, however, what really goes on in the depths is something quite bloody fascinating.

King Provider comes as the brain child of an exceptionally talented and driven young chap named Lee. After taking him on a wild goose chase around the monotony of university and occupying much of studious mindset, he decided to pack the whole university lark in and focus on this. King Provider acts as an ambitious promotion tool; it features a live video of (in this instance, Suffolk duo: ‘Appy Days) a music performance, an interview named ‘By the Bar’ and a package of photos. A great tool for any upcoming artist who is looking for a full media package to provided to a high quality. The live performance is filmed using three of the artist’s songs, it give them chance to get on a stage with a fantastic lighting setup and develop a bunch of live recordings, the setup is professional, rigorous and executed perfectly.


Yesterday, I met Lee and three other chaps who work alongside him and build the team, Ben, Meisu and Dom, each of which add a different segment to polished project, each equally talented, be it with a camera, interviewing or with PR. Once again, the designated role added to the professional image of the project. When I got down to the nitty gritty of the project and grilled them on the ethos and ideology packed behind King Provider, it became obvious that there was the solid foundations behind an idea to push the unsigned and develop them a perfect promotion package. It was an organic and grassroots level focus, looking at those that deserved the time and energy, those that had earned it and could utilise it in the best possible fashion. It’s an ambitious and worthwhile project that really gets to grips what the artist wants, but at the same time takes into account an audience understanding and viewpoint. The ‘By the Bar’ interview is conducted in a casual and endearing way, it’s not dull, it’s not monotonous, it’s a chat – informative but informal.


Yesterday, I saw ‘Appy Days perform; a duo hailing from Ipswich who define an ambient, trip-hop sort of sound. Part Massive Attack, a touch of Moby and a little Air, then you have it. It was perfect for the intimate setting that King Provider used. I really hope the best for the band and King Provider themselves, it’s charming what King Provider are doing and the way they conduct the project is a fantastic thing to see. In the future they hope to move into promotions and pushing some of their captured talent onto a live stage. In the meantime, catch some of their stuff on YouTube and check out Saturn Recordings, their studio.

Get in touch at their email address here for more information:



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