La Luz – Weirdo Shrine


We featured a short review of their single ‘Don’t Wanna Be Anywhere’ a couple of months back but now, the Seattle four-piece have slung us their slinky, strung-out Ty Segall produced sophomore LP, ‘Weirdo Shrine’. Released by Hardly Art, this album is 11 tracks of haunting and drunken beats, marred with oozing guitars and voices slipping between chimes. The second track on the record is ‘You Disappear’ and is a calling back to The 13th Floor Elevators, a trembling drum tucking all the rough edges under the melody whilst allowing the guitars to free fall over the top, as if Felix Baumgarter hit the atmosphere and ricocheted around on the surface without every really slipping through.

La Luz had a brief flirt with death back in 2013 and as most bands may have splintered at such an ordeal (they survived a high speed car accident) offering a chance for reflection, La Luz found a new drive and this comes across in a multitude of ways, in the unreleased tension and pulsating drive – see tracks such as ‘Hey Papi’ and ‘Black Hole/Weirdo Shrine’. Whilst simultaneously, the haunting groove of the likes of ‘I Can’t Speak’ and ‘Oranges’ point towards the shadows in the lush, green mountains.

The at times raucous ‘Weirdo Shrine’ suggests a maturing in the sophomore attempt, an understanding that all is not so sun stroked and pleasant. La Luz play BLEACH on the 16th of October.


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