The Joker


After hearing that The Orange Buffalo (a Shoreditch food-truck well known for excellent N.Y inspired wings & meats) had opened a new kitchen at the heart of one of my favourite places to drink, The Joker, I was very intrigued.

The venue sets the bar high as the holder of the ‘UK’s best Chicken Wings’ title, but they did not disappoint. The wings arrived in a gorgeous ‘original’ N.Y sauce, with an incredible intensity, tang and richness that the vast majority of wings fail to meet. Using Dutch chillies in combination with scotch bonnets, naga and extra chilli extract means there are different levels of spice to cater for everyone. So eight wings later, I still had a delightful bowl of fries with freshly made blue cheese sauce to get through, and not to mention a cold pint of San Miguel to my right. All of that for £10. I’ll definitely be back.

You can find The Joker at:2 Preston Road, Brighton, BN1 4QF



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