Why Should I Be Excited About… Two Three Four Festival at Green Door Store, 29-30/8/15


Who to see? Where to put your time? It’s a busy line-up so we have taken it upon ourselves to whittle your list of must sees into a nice compact little preview. The Green Door Store is a staple venue of Brighton’s live music scene, the setting, ambience and feel of the venue is as beautifully destructive as they come, cobbled floors, a lingering McDonald’s ‘M’ and fairy light laden smoking area all point towards the fabrics of a swell little venue. Two Three Four Festival visits us on August Bank Holiday, taking place this year on Saturday the 29th and Sunday the 30th so there is every chance you should find your way to hit the bottle at some point (no work on Monday!). The festival showcases some of the country’s best fuzz, psych and garage rawk, so hey, kick back, check this out and let us get out our shovels and do some of dat diggin’ for you.

Numero uno: O. Chapman

Sounding like a slightly elegant take on Pavement’s Slanted and Enchanted, a whole sound of that 90s American alternative rock cranked into a little British take on it. Perfectly sloppy, check out ‘Relapser’ as it was this number that first stole my heart when compiling this list. ‘Smother Me’ is a slower, melodic vice, the type that would play in the background to bring you into the waking hours at 5am after an all night jive. Don’t take our word for it though, there’s a reason these cats sit at number one.

FFO: Pavement / Kurt Vile

Dos: Nai Harvest

From the North all the way down to Brighton, this Sheffield based duo bring that funky fuzz pop that we all have a tender spot for here in Brighton. After recently announcing a two night residency at London’s Power Lunches venue, this bunch are gripping the nation by the gonads and showing their worth. Get stuck into their EP ‘Hold Open My Head’, the playful vibes are really going to seduce you and lure you in, just see how I’ve been bitten.

FFO: Sebadoh / Dinosaur Jr.

Tres: Red Deer People

Fairly new on the Brighton music scene, I really, really enjoy how this lot go about their music however. Solemn, haunting and with a hidden angst and tension. Red Deer People are playful with their sounds generating an over arching atmosphere running in tangent with the whole show, guitars race off at different angles as vocals grow over the top, a different dynamic is added in each part. Check out ‘Pull Out Your Dagger’.

FFO: Cocteau Twins / Suicide.

Cuatro: Big Society

Big Society have become an absolute favourite of us. When I say favourite I mean when they released ‘Nowhere’ earlier this year, it absolutely melted us. Intricate guitar parts and shifts in time signature pay testament to fantastic musicianship, guitars collide with whispered vocals and each segment adds to a splendid overall picture. There are parts math rock, parts prog and parts just downright too gorgeous to pigeonhole. Really, really, you have to catch these.

FFO: Biffy Clyro / Queens of the Stone Age / Tool.

Cinco: Fake Laugh

Chorus laden guitar shimmers, glints and flies over your shoulder as singer Kamran utters smooth words through your lug hole as he passes over. It’s a project that points towards beautiful melodies, hazy days on the beach, walks through the woods on a late September afternoon, everything that suits the atmosphere of a relaxing Summer.

FFO: The Antlers / Ariel Pink / DIIV


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