Bel Esprit – Lose My Mind


Bel Esprit are a four piece hailing from Southampton. Although they are from further down the shore, they visit the sunny coast of East Sussex frequently. Prior to their upcoming EP release on the 2nd of October, their latest single release, ‘Lose My Mind’ has just dropped and certainly falls into a vein that contains this August’s sweltering sun. Lose My Mind captures everything from a 17 year old’s teenage angst. It looks after all things involving romance, young love and fighting against the beckoning birthdays that lay out in front of you. Even from the opening sequence, narrated by an aged man giving thanks for visiting ‘the drive-in’, you get the impression that this is one for the young guns, it’s pure summer escapism. It’s nicking your old man’s car whilst he’s away on his two week holiday and nipping down to the fast food joint to grab yourself some cream soda and burgers with your buddies. Infectiously catchy, the chorus moulds it’s own path in your ears and latches in there, keeping it on repeat for hours. Even coming from a cynical twenty-something year old bloke, who knows, this Summer may really be kicking off and it’s all thanks to Bel Esprit and their warming indie pop about teenage kicks. Who ever needed The Undertones anyway.

Their upcoming EP, also titled ‘Lose My Mind’ is launched on Friday the 2nd of October. Stay put for more of those infectious hooks.


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