Wax Machine – Big Boat

Wax Machine interest me. They interest me for a few reasons, firstly the music, I witnessed it for the first time on Tuesday and to be frank, it astounded me, I have not experienced a band with so much genuity for a long time, you could peer into their eyes and see the infatuation and drive with what they were playing. It was no facade. Secondly, and in tangent with the first point, was the charisma, torrents of hair cascading around the intimate stage, twirls and shakes of jarring bodies, ricocheting off of one another as if dangling from a Christmas tree. Finally, the influence from 60s music, particularly that of the West Coast. Every band claims to love the 60s and have some sort of tenuous link to some obscure band, as this is often the staple point of what makes your band ‘cool’ and ‘hip’. Quite true, they may have some sort of influence, however it is never as direct as they appear to make out. What Wax Machine seem to have though, is a love for the 60s, a direct influence from that period, but also a sincere appreciation for the context that influenced the music of that era, what animated the characters and essentially, developed the sound.

‘Big Boat’ is a fantastic starting point for this band. Opening with the ethereal sounds of washing waves before assimilating with a Surrealistic Pillow-esque charm, groove and lull – it’s parts dream-pop and obviously, parts psychedelia. Big Boat is a brave title for the track, and it stands as testament to the song, it is a big step into the unknown, the sound of it ironically is not so big, however it does not need to be. The beauty of this track lies within the minimalist sentimentality, there’s little going at any one time, however this acts as the feathering within the cushion you lay upon. Picture a mid-afternoon drunken haze and you are not too far from where you want to be with Big Boat.

Wax Machine seem confidently in command of their sound, Big Boat acts as the marking point for where they can now go, the influences are there – from woozy sounds, lullaby voices and chiming guitars, all that is left is for the next single or EP. I sure as hell cannot wait.

FFO: Jefferson Airplane / The Brian Jonestown Massacre / The Allah-Las


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