The Twisted Lemon


It’s going to be a tough task to write unbiased view of this little gem of a cocktail bar, after all it is my personal favourite in Brighton & Hove. The Twisted Lemon is located on Middle Street down a beautifully secluded yellow passageway, inside there are two cosy floors of dining and drinking space. The Twisted Lemon may not be the most extravagantly decorated bar in Brighton but it offers a decor that makes you feel right at home. After all, they make up for this in the quality of drinks they offer, the Brighton & Hove Food and Drink Awards named them the best cocktail bar of 2014. Their menu is packed of classic choices but also surrounded by a lovely selection that will be hard to find anywhere else. The staff are extremely friendly and show great chemistry with one another, which is great to see. Some bars in Brighton rely on great location and interior at the expense of great service. Prices are good value for the quality of drink and tapas on offer making it a great place to spend a few hours of your evening. Get there fast though, as it does get busy on weekends!


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