B/U/B/B – Hate Culture


B/U/B/B – signifying the act of being Beaten Up By Boys, think about what ‘punk’ is for a second. Sit back in your cushioned chair, stroke your whiskery, pubescent chin and question it, what you got? Right, it’s a definitive statement that people spread around music like butter, lubricating band’s egos thinking they fall into a clan of some rebellious artists who covered themselves in a bit of blood and did silly things with their hair. What they forget is that ‘punk’ is actually the subversion of the norm, that’s what B/U/B/B seem to be striving to do. I have said this before about them but they are interesting because they tamper with vocals, and speed, and tones in quite an intriguing way.

‘Play Me On The Radio’ is personally the stand out track for me, opening with a cuss of QOTSA’s ‘Burn The Witch’ -esque tribal drumming and marching band. Taking chunky riffs and injecting them with some malicious steroid, then the pair sit back giggling as it grows, deforms and punctures. Similarly with ‘Hate Culture’, guitar parts speed up and play as if competing with the ferocious tempo of the drums, it’s a real rabbit and the fox game; you just can’t tell when the rabbit will get the respite. ‘Spit’ is as giant as it comes, Sabbath through and through just with a crooning and haunting distorted voice. The voice echoes over your shoulder as if a past memory, a past wish or a past love. This is a stonking debut EP from a band that really, really deserve more hype and attention. Keep your eyes peeled for more, but in the meantime, listen to Give It Back’s exclusive stream below…

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