thoughts – Live – Green Door Store, 4/9/2015

Excitement swilled and spilled amongst the heaving Green Door Store crowd. I forget the time I wandered upon these cobbled, alcohol drenched stones and seen such a mob of an audience. It was a big one for thoughts as they took to their first headline gig at this hallowed and renowned venue on the Brighton circuit, one that can often cement your place within the Brighton music scene, especially once you have graced the top of a bill here. If you can flourish at this venue, you can really set the stalls out for success in the future.

‘Animal’ clatters the beginning of the procedures into momentum, a Britpop tinged guitar line parades around the venue before the beat comes in, taking the reigns and really putting the tenderness into the groove. From here, it became a frantic and charismatic set, songs such as ‘A Repeat’ really, truly prove thoughts as a group of exceptionally accomplished musicians. Think Radiohead’s ‘Hail To The Thief’ era and you can literally place that bass line of ‘A Repeat’ amongst any of those umpteen tracks, it’s got a hook, groove and power, it has the potential to cause a whirlwind of different emotions within side of you, a sign of a band that can bridge many different genres. The second track in, ‘Immobilised’ carries plenty of irony in the name in the sense that thoughts are anything but so, regardless of this, it is a fantastic track, demonstrating enough delicacy to send even the sweetest teeth rotten. Standout tracks and growing singles such as ‘Tuck’ and ‘I Drew Blood’ act as testament to a band that are really on their way somewhere in the local scene, bending influences such as The Maccabees, twisting these through scours of post-punk and into 90s Britpop. A job was done well on Friday by this bunch.


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