Why Should I Be Excited About… Live from the Pond #12 Feat. Luo, Mammal Hands, Calico and Project 9 – The Green Door Store, 18/9/15

Them folks down at Small Pond are really pulling out all the stops right now. With a few special tricks tucked away up their sleeves for the latter quarter of this year, some of which we shall comment on in the upcoming print, they still have a few cards to show in the meantime. Once again, they are still pulling together some of the down right meatiest line-ups this city is witnessing right now.

On the 18th of this month they take over Green Door Store for their #12 and showcase this city’s hottest greatest experimental group, Luo as their headliner. This makes up the Brighton chunk of the joint tour between Calico and Luo so be sure to get on down to the store below the station and see what the fuss is all about.


Recently featured as the ‘L’ in our A-Zed of Brighton, this downtempo, experimental, post-rock group are quite simply mind-blowing to put it in the audaciously simple adjective. Thing is, you can’t take it as an adjective in this context, it’s quite simply a fucking verb, it’s a doing word as this is what it will do to you. You get it? Right. Armed with comparisons to the likes of Sigur Ros, And So I Watch You From Afar and Explosions In the Sky we definitely recommend a live witnessing of this troupe. This is the live incarnation of solo artist Josh Trinnaman, someone has put legs into his laptop so come and watch the whole thing meander around the Green Door Store.

Mammal Hands:

Hailing from Manchester, this will be the first time we at Give It Back have caught them and damn, after reading about them and getting into their Soundcloud, it’s safe to say we are excited. Teasing you in a luring fashion with their influences composed of the likes of Apex Twin, Sons of Kemet and Steve Reich, ride the subtle wave of mixed emotions.


Electronic jazz five piece emerging from these sunny shores of the South coast and pick themselves up to venture on a joint tour around the UK with Luo. Providing a fascinating mesh of sounds, a backbone of instrumentals with a running spinal chasm of electronica throughout, it’s parts Boards of Canada, Sufjan Stevens and Radiohead. A certain to see, rock on the lull of Euphemism below and get the gist, honey.

Project 9:

First up on the night are Project 9, Brighton based once again and certainly adding their segment into the proceedings for the night in a beautiful fashion. Described as atmospheric/neo-soul/hip hop, we are exceptionally interested in what to make of this. Completely fresh and innovative on every front by the sounds of it.

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