Dog In The Snow – Uncanny Valley EP

Welcome to Dog In The Snow, the Brighton based atmospheric two piece, consisting of a female duo going by the names Eva Bowan and Helen Ganya Brown. Eva and Helen launch their EP ‘Uncanny Valley’ on the 9th of October via Love Thy Neighbour Records but what we have been given so far comes in the form of ‘Proxy’, their tangling, lucid, angelic single.

A distant voice cuts, juxtaposes and shimmers through a poignant guitar line as the looming walls build up around you. It’s an exceptionally evocative and claustrophobic sound, at times sounding as something that could easily fit into Radiohead’s Kid A, creepy and cautious as if it falls somewhere between you and the shadow that is following you down that back alley. Eleanor Hardwick’s accompanying video further emphasises this notion as shots quickly cut and chop between choreographed dancing and onstage performing, the fast tempo gives you the ghoulies and the creeps leaving you in awe.

Dog In The Snow are set to release what will surely be an uncompromisingly self-possessed record, something that revels in itself and acts as a truly haunting piece of music. If ‘Proxy’ is anything to go by, we are in for what will be one of the most interesting pieces that a Brighton based group have made in a while, forming the perfect middle between atmospheric, pop and experimental music, we really can’t wait.

Liten to ‘Proxy’ below:


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