Here’s who I booked… CLOWwNS and MDK at Brighton Electric, 30/10/15

So, here at Give It Back we like to tamper with unchartered waters every now and then, try something new and play around with our own live showcases. In the past we have featured the likes of Gang, Tuval, DIVES and Grasshopper, we have used venues such as the prestigious and mighty Hope and Ruin and now we are returning with part 2, #2, the second phase, however you want to bloody word it. We are showcasing some of our favourites that have caught our beady eyes over the past few months and here’s who I booked is well worth your shady time coming. Tom.

£3 Names on the wall / / £4 OTD

(PS: You can bring your own drinks. You can thank us later)

C L O Ww N S:

Reaching the highest points of some of the nation’s best music media: The Line Of Best Fit, The Quietus, Louder Than War et al., this post-punk, crunk, rock’n’roll four piece make an audacious crash, bang and wallop. Never before have we witnessed a band with such charisma, such a presence, such a show, think a bit of Franz Ferdinand, The Young Knives, The Walkmen, New York Dolls, it’s tense and rocking like a toddler in a three legged stool about to pounce out the fucker and drool upon the kitchen table. Part show, part theatricals, we really cannot wait for you all to appreciate these and jive to fuck with us. After they dropped their debut album, ’The Artful Execution of Macho Bimbo’ on Bleeding Heart Recordings back in July, they have Tarzaned their way through the trees of success, picking up an entire circus of support along the way. We witnessed them tear the woodwork from the roof of Latest Music Bar and the far-flung thought still gives a little shiver down our nasty spine. BBC 6 Music’s Gideon Coe has recently been clambering all over this troupe like a kid on a ketchup laden chair in McDonald’s so why the hell should you turn your nose up?!


MDK (Mum, Dad and the Kids):

Art, science, rock and roll. Featuring the ex-Stereolab bass player, Joe Watson, this bunch are cementing their right as one of Brighton’s most dazzling bands. Elusive with their Facebook page and never giving much away – they have recently dropped their debut single ‘Future Proofed’ and all we’ve really been given up to now is their short teaser clip ’57 Seconds’, an odd, disturbing video shared with a glam, Talking Heads-on-plenty-of-psychedelics sound. It’s alluring, intriguing and sure as hell has grabbed our attention. We can’t wait to show you these, many weeks of anticipation has drawn us to this climax.


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