Here’s who I booked #2… Munez and Porridge Radio at Brighton Electric, 30/10/15

Tom already covered the reasons why we’re putting on this gig and all the details about the fact that we are, in his introduction to the bands that he booked. It’s fun and easy, booking bands in Brighton, and I’m glad that we got to do it. Give It Back is about covering the local scene, it’s about Brighton, which is great, because we’ll never have to worry about tending to the needs of a hugely famous internationally touring band; instead it’s just us, we’re all friendly and we enjoy playing with each other. That’s why I’d like to think of the gig and its line-up as of an extension to all the journalism. These are simply bands that we think are currently the most enjoyable to see live, and they’re becoming significant (or should be more significant) in Brighton’s music scene right now. I’ll explain why.

£3 Names on the wall / / £4 OTD

(PS: You can bring your own drinks. You can thank us later)


I am, unfortunately, biased on this one. But bear with me. Choosing to book MUNEZ for our gig isn’t nearly as surprising a decision as it, perhaps, would have seemed a couple of months ago. This band is really quite young (don’t be fooled by the guitarist’s familiar face, you’ve seen him in Fuoco). We were there to help on their first scrappy demo, and they recorded a few other things with us as well, but that’s not why they’re playing. During those past few months they’ve grown to be one of the tightest live acts we’ve seen in a while, which is great for them and even better for us, but apart from that they’re doing a service to everyone on the grungy-dreamy side of things by being almost nothing like them. It’s easy in a scene like that, especially one bound by sacred slackerisms, to cheer on a shitty band, because caring about a performance makes you a suit and a square. But then you see MUNEZ and you realize that if everyone spent more time onstage caring about being a really good live band, and less time carefully making sure they don’t seem to care too much, we’d all have a much better time. Alas, many don’t and MUNEZ do. That’s why they’re playing. They’re so good to see live, you won’t even realize your legs hurt.


Porridge Radio:

It’s a real shame we can’t show you what Porridge Radio sound like live, because I try turning people onto this band everywhere I go and it would be so much easier if I could just MAKE people see why Porridge Radio is so special, instead of me trying to explain it, which I’m not quite sure I can. They seem to be recording an album now, though, so hopefully we’ll get to hear something that translates the magic. When it’s a by-product of your musical creativity to simultaneously be an homage to Stephen Malkmus, Lou Barlow and Anton Newcombe, I might think you’re just taking the easy route through my musical tastes. It’s easy to get excited about having all the right references and mentioning all the right names, but those are often louder than the substance. I haven’t been properly captivated by Porridge Radio until I saw them play and right now there’s a huge gaping hole of shame in my life, because out of the two opportunities I had, to see them live, not once had I managed to get there in time for the first song. Don’t make the same mistake. Listen to the soundcloud songs, but try to imagine a full band playing. Everything’s cool and mellow, then suddenly you realize you’re in the middle of a raging crescendo, and I’m willing to risk sounding dumb here, because it’s simply exciting and nice – very, very nice. So, that’s why they’re playing. It’s my way of explaining why we should all be paying a lot of attention to Porridge Radio.



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