Why Should I Be Excited About… Magic Castles – The Prince Albert, 21/9/15


Magic Castles:

Magic Castles are coming all the way from Minneapolis to show us a more mellow, light-hearted take on psychedelic rock. With jangly guitars, smooth vocals and an organ to carry all the harmonies, they present us with a smooth cushion to land our trip. Seeing gigs in Brighton, it’s safe to say we’re quite used to bands with a punky edge – even our psychedelic bands like to rock out, flail about, high-pitched screams and all the rest – so if you’re as desperate for something different as you should be, you don’t want to miss this one. Magic Castles are no rookies either, ever since they started releasing music in 2006, the band amassed the attention they deserve, culminating in a tour with The Brian Jonestown Massacre in 2012. Let’s see who Mr Newcombe gave his approval to this time, shall we?


Mile me deaf:

First of the supporting bands is Mile me deaf, essentially a solo project of Wolfgang M, coming from Vienna. He is joined onstage by several of his musician friends to present what they dubbed a form of experimental pop. Listening to their music it’s easy to see why they’d call it that – pleasant melodies, poppy hooks – but there’s also a hint of something deeply personal, something that can only come from a songwriter who’s been honing his craft for the past 13 years or so. Mile me deaf are playing with our very own Super Lungs in London today, but you can’t really make it to that anymore, can you? So come see them tomorrow.


O. Chapman:

Second of the two local bands to play on the night is not exactly a band in the usual sense. Even more so than Mile me deaf, O. Chapman is a solo project, a real acoustic-in-the-bedroom, heartfelt, strum-the-day-away solo project. With thousands of hits on soundcloud, you’ve likely heard of him before, but in case you haven’t, think Mac DeMarco meets Kurt Vile, only here things can get a bit more shoe-gazey and a tiny touch heavier at times. Comparatively. To the rest of the song. But nothing to throw you off, really. Join the swelling throngs of fans, listen to a future hit and come see the man himself!


Super Lungs:

Representing what we typically associate with the Brighton music scene are Super Lungs, a musically adept surf band with an intriguing twist and a dip in western that nobody expects. If you’ve been paying attention, you already know we’ve featured their latest single ‘I Lost My Way’ a week ago and now we get to see them live! How’s that for consistency! In case you missed it, though, give the song a listen and consider coming to The Prince Albert tomorrow for more!


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