Why Should I Be Excited About… Blank Realm – The Prince Albert, 29/9/2015


Blank Realm headline The Prince Albert next Tuesday and we think it is absolutely critical for any of you Pavement, Built To Spill or Guided By Voices fans, that you attend. This Australian outfit burst straight out of the underground scene in Brisbane over ten years ago and rest assured, you will never get the opportunity to see them in such an intimate environment again. I can almost assure you. It is rare they visit these turfs so get onto these real quick, The Prince Albert with it’s punk ethos is the perfect place to catch them.

Here is an interview we recently conducted with them, just to get your tongue wet. Support on the night comes from the fantastic Porridge Radio and Van Stonholdt.

1) Welcome to the UK, how do you find British crowds treat you guys?
Pretty great! We’ve played in London, Brighton and Leeds before. They all rocked. Played with some great bands too like Soft Walls, Fawn Spots and Hookworms.

2) Can you summarise your sound for an audience that has not heard you.
It’s sonically unsafe rock and roll.

3) What do you make of the DIY Australian music scene? I have seen a few of similar bands such as Scott and Charlene’s Wedding over the past few years and have always thoroughly enjoyed the sound generated.
Scott and Charlene’s are great for sure.  There’s definitely a strong underground in Australia. Lots of little bands that criss cross the country helping each other out.

4) You guys were picked up by Fire Records, can you explain the impact that label had on DIY Australian music?
I guess they are one of a whole bunch of labels who have brought smaller bands like us to the world, and allowed to leave our hometowns and travel around playing music. Releasing stuff on overseas labels and touring internationally has become super important to the Australian underground. Just on this tour we played with Kitchen’s Floor, Cured Pink and Rat Columns, who are all kind of weird bands from back home. It’s been cool.

5) Obviously there are the Tame Impalas and Ponds that have contributed to the raised profile of Australian music over recent years, do you feel there is a lot generated over there off the back of this success and do you feel it has helped Australian bands break into Europe/America?
I don’t really know! Those bands are a world away from what we do. I’m sure it’s helped other bands but probably not us. I guess we just started touring through the labels we’ve worked with, Siltbreeze and Not Not Fun in America and Fire in Europe.

6) What were the roots of Blank Realm’s formation?
We started as an improvised noise band and just sort of evolved into what we are now. I guess it just started as jamming, hours and hours of endless jamming, very loudly.

7) How has Melbourne contributed to your sound over the years and does it continue to impact as it once did?
We are from Brisbane, but Melbourne is definitely the music capital of Australia. There’s heaps of venues and every second person you meet on the street runs a underground synth/hardcore label. It’s a bit intense!

So there you go Brighton, that’s why you should go. We shall see you down the front.


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