Paperboy – Life’s Getting Better


Paperboy were founded in 2013 by childhood buddies Ollie and Natty, since then, Brighton has been for their taking. I’ve seldom heard of this group, however I’m astounded they have slipped the radar. If you are yet to hear of them, you should be astounded also. With it’s smooth reggae ska influences ‘Life’s Getting Better’ gets battered around with a harmonica tooting away in the background, this satiric little poke is a lovely feel good song. Constantly pulsing, this is one that is maybe released at the perfect time of this bleak Summer, when it finally gets a little warmer at the back end of September. Too little too late, eh?

The soul/pop influences have an infectious ability to put a spring into your step, perhaps leaning on elements of The Kooks first LP – there’s a sarcastic dig embedded within the lyrics of this song that perfectly contradicts the overarching optimistic sugar coated sweetness of the music. The Brighton based quintet have an ability to write exuberant choruses that meet pleasantly with the charm of it’s influences. The personability of Paperboy is what is truly going to be their selling point in the future, the ability to maintain smiles on people’s glum faces, the ability to find the sweet ahead of the sour and maintain being half-full rather than half empty. Get stuck into this reggae track for a little lift when the chips are down.


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