The Equatorial Group in The Live Room

The Equatorial Group are an Americana-esque band hailing from just outside the hallowed ground of Brighton in a nearby town that goes by the title Eastbourne. This bunch delve into sounds that are reminiscent to Dire Straits, Fleetwood Mac and The Beautiful South. It’s mature music for an easy listening audience, however it demands your attention but not due to fads or novelties, there’s genuine interest and thought that is put into their music.

Listen, for example to the opening track from this Live Room session: ‘Lights Out’. There is a rhythm, a constant, relentless flow that is not overdone, it does not want to be the star of the show but more sits in the background, however it is this that maintains intrigue, it’s flamboyancy and bounce is spectacular. Similarly, there is an elegant, glimmering lap steel guitar part, that cuts through and acts as the spirit through the night. Next up, the more melancholic, psychedelic trips of ‘Valley’. ‘Valley’ is a magnificent song, lulling you through with influences from early Verve material, think Storm In Heaven and you are about there. ‘Falling’ brings connotations to Spiritualized with angelic music slipping through and between, front woman Helen Weeks lullabies you through with her voice shining over the top as if the early morning sun ricocheting off of a still river on a crisp winter morning.

What The Equatorial Group have done is produce something daring in contrast to the common music scene here in Brighton, it is music to genuinely relax to. To trip away and leave the world behind. Really give this a listen – pleasant, easy listening music.

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