Night Dials – Waiting At Your Door/Little Flame

West London’s Night Dials dropped their double A side single on the 25th of September and since they are so close to Brighton in proximity and are regular frequenters of the seaside coast, we figured they would do perfectly.

With it’s scuzzy, surfing West Coast sound, something reminiscent of Cosmonauts, Night Beats and The UFO Club, ‘Waiting At Your Door’ fits the lo-fi recording bracket perfectly. Lead guitar rumbles and fuzzes below a jolly, ska-esque rhythm guitar line, puncturing the surface every other beat to keep bouncing along in an ‘Obla Di Obla Da’ fashion. The constant repetition of the guitar part acts as a brilliant metaphor of quite literally waiting at someone’s door, the monotony and ticking clock which you can place with it. Almost in a tapping your foot fashion, it is a nudge in your back every other second, just to remind you it’s still there. Drums support the general melancholic day dream as keyboards gush around.

Second up is ‘Little Flame’, a nosedive from the optimism and youthful notion of ‘Waiting At Your Door’. This provokes a new, darker corner of Night Dials’ musicality. We are treat to a new depth, gone is the fun and fuzz of the aforementioned track, instead we are given a sharp thrust into the reflective keys. It is a fantastic thing though, it shows that Night Dials have the ability and sensibility to add a new dimension to their music, add a new dynamic.

Night Dials are a band asides from the general psych/garage scene, both Little Flame and Waiting At Your Door show different sides of their musical ability. Providing Night Dials keep this balance and resist the temptation to fall into a general psych/garage bracket, they have a very good future ahead. They clearly possess the ability to write songs, and whatsmore, do this to a great standard.

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