The Art Club – I Am Yours

The track opens with a thumping beat that demands attention, along with a pulsating bass that clings tight to the rhythm section’s exuberant drive, in a menacing fashion. Soon after, the dynamics drop to clear space for the vocals; with the singer sounding somewhat like a star-child of Bowie with a modern indie flare. Fifty seconds in and we know we’re being treated to a riding, fun-ridden pop stint, laced with cumulating thick guitar textures, and hidden synth glistens reminiscent of a dream pop/new wave sun-scape. The chorus features an unashamedly 80’s sounding hook, glamorous as much as catchy, which may slowly creep in to your mind, until you find yourself humming along. The song climbs and burns with energy; besieged with ethereal and dreamy undertones, melodic in it’s nature, yet conventional in it’s structure.
Whilst ‘I Am Yours’ feels like a collage and nod to wonderful indie predecessors, it can’t help but dazzle, romanticise and paint an art school swash of colours in my head. If you feel like dreaming, letting loose and celebrating young wonderment, you should definitely check out Art Club’s new sweet 4 minute single ‘I Am Yours’.

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