Meeting the Sloths: Creatives Behind ‘Meet the Sloths’


What is this? Another rock’n’roll club night in Brighton? Okay, so you tut and suck your teeth a little and ask the sacred questions: what can this offer? What will this do different? How long will it last? Well, in answer to all of the above, it seems it’s likely to become the face of Brighton’s midweek rock’n’roll club scene for the foreseeable future.

Since I have lived in this city, I have struggled for various reasons with the late night club night scene of the city. A city that is swamped with a  great music scene and a pub and bar scene that is worthy of Dionysus’ presence. However, it seems to be a city that is plagued with the atrocities of nostalgia, not even in an ironic way sometimes but in a contemptuous and downgrading fashion. It appears you cannot swing the metaphorical dead cat in this city without hitting around fifteen nights all centered around how great, the crap parts of the American 90s were. See the recently announced ‘Loserville’, the continuing ‘Sweatshop’ and the occasional ‘Wonder Yeahs’. On top of this is the constant throwback to the 80s which you can take in weekly (!!!) at The Haunt. Like anybody on this Earth needs a weekly reminder of how atrocious anybody looks singing ‘Agadoo’ after being plagued by overpriced double vodka and cokes.

Alas, the city’s saving grace may have just arrived: ‘Meet the Sloths’ – a weekly rock’n’roll club night taking place behind the hallowed green doors below the train station. MTT takes place every Wednesday, running from 11pm until 3am with a live band hitting the stage at the witching hour. In the previous two weeks, we have had Yonaka and Strange Cages the week before, tonight we understand there is a super special guest behind the pseudonym ‘The Dream Sodas’ – figure that one out.

We caught up with one of the creative faces behind Meet the Sloths to find out a little bit more.

What was it that spawned the idea?

For the past few years there haven’t been any dedicated weekly indie club nights, especially nothing midweek. Between us who are involved in the management of this new night, we run several other regular indie/rock type events in venues around the city, but nothing that directly appeals to the massive student market there is here in Brighton. We noticed a huge gap in the market there, none of the seafront clubs are filling that gap, so in the true DIY spirit we thought we must do it ourselves.

What does Meet the Sloths aim to provide?

There’s such a diverse music and arts scene in Brighton. Bands are constantly migrating here to make a break with their band or start one, meet like minded people, or study at BIMM, the music college. The same goes for illustrators, photographers, the list goes on. It’s a big melting pot of culture and there wasn’t really a care free environment where they could frequently all meet up, get involved in every aspect, get loose and network with other like minded individuals. It’s sort of like our better version of a uni social with everybody welcome as long as you care for the same things that we do. We’ll ease you in gently by playing all those indie classics everyone knows and loves, mixed in with some hidden gems from the 60’s and some of the latest underground music scene. On that note, you’d probably noticed we host a live band at midnight each week, we hand pick emerging bands on the brink of something special.

What do you want to achieve with it?

We hope to influence anyone who attends and open some minds back up to the culture of rock & roll, we encourage everyone to get involved anyway they can and hopefully inspire those who would never have thought they’d be involved in any way, that’s exactly how we came into the industry and hope to pass on the flame to the next generation. Only the most energetic and entertaining bands will be showcased on this stage to start the party and get the whole crowd kicking and screaming, that’s what we want, everyone going for it and no half measures, we’ve witnessed way too much of that at shows in this city and we aim to break that habit.

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